In 2018, the 60th anniversary of Nadaism was celebrated. Nadaism is a literary and poethical movement born in Medellín, Colombia. For this celebration, the train of Nadaism culture was designed, in which a car from the Medellin subway was intervened graphically. This work was made in cooperation with Medellin´s public library.

In order to capture the essence of Nadaism, several illustrations were made using original photographies of its most important authors such as Gonzalo Arango and Jaime Jaramillo. Different collage compositions with photography, paint stains, freehand illustration and more, were used in order to achive a rebel and mocking aesthetic.


This work was made in cooperation with:

Ana María Arango (graphic designer) 

Ana María Bermúdez (graphic designer)

Carlos Uribe (historian)